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THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU START vapingThings to know before you start vapingNEW FOR vaping? WE WILL HELP YOU GET STARTED!Are you new to vaping? Even if you are a seasoned veteran, wading pool differen..
15 Sep Place you Can and Can not vape On
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The majority put conventional cigarettes and electronic cigarette under the same category. Until now many businesses and individuals do not yet know whether vaping allowed or not allowed on the premis..
15 Sep Can E-cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?
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Can e-cigarettes help you quit smoking?Maybe. But the companies that sell these devices won't tell you that. Since there are no official data to confirm this either, e-cigarettes are sold not as smoki..
15 Sep Vape Plan For Tenants Facing Cigarette Ban
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SMOKERS who live in public housing could face a smoking ban in their own homes and urge to vape instead, under new plans being considered in the UK.Following a recent report which revealed vape relx s..
15 Sep What are the components of an e-cigarette?
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The product structure of e-cigarette:Electronic cigarettes by air switch, intelligent control circuits, smart ESMOKE chip, ultrasonic atomization generator, atomizing chamber, lithium ion batteries an..
02 Aug Electronic Cigarettes Have Unlimited Potential
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Cigarettes have been invented for thousands of years now. It is difficult to trace their origin to prove how cigarettes were invented. Later, after many years of improvement, has a direct hookah smoke..
26 Jul IQOS E-cigarettes
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To be honest, I don't really want to classify IQOS as an e-cigarette, because it's still essentially tobacco, and the "electronic" part is more like another form of "lighter."It's just that the "light..
02 Aug The Golden Switch from Smoking to E-Cigarettes
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During the 1960s, broadcast and billboard advertising a simple, evocative phrase appeared: "I'd rather fight than switch." Visual media featured men or women with a black eye, a smile, and a lit cigar..
10 Oct Classification of Vape atomizers
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Atomizers are divided into two categories: finished atomizers and RBA atomizers (also called DIY)1. Finished atomizerThis kind of atomizer can be used by opening the hatch cover and filling oil direct..
10 Sep Simply How Vaporizing is Various from Burning?
Simply How Vaporizing is Various from Burning?Burning is the procedure of dropping something. In the light of scientific study (chemistry), it is the chemical treatment in which materials mix with oxy..
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